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Quickstart project for Astyanax against Cassandra using Composites/Compound Keys
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Astyanax Quick Start

This is a quick demo/quickstart application that uses Astyanax to connect to Cassandra. It shows how to read and write from Cassandra using Astyanax, and how that plays with CQL.

We'll use the following schema:

    CREATE KEYSPACE examples WITH strategy_class = 'NetworkTopologyStrategy' AND strategy_options:datacenter1 = '1';

    use examples;

    CREATE TABLE fishblogs (
        userid varchar,
        when timestamp,
        fishtype varchar,
        blog varchar,
        image blob,
        PRIMARY KEY (userid, when, fishtype)

After running the unit tests, you should see:

    userid | when                     | fishtype | blog            | image
    bigcat | 2012-10-08 12:08:10-0400 |  CATFISH | this is myblog. | 01000000000000000000
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