Configuration files for HPCC for Mac OSX
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Configuration files for HPCC for Mac OSX

Make sure /opt/HPCCSystems/bin is in your path. Clone this repository. Replace /var/lib/HPCCSystems with the content of

sudo rm -fr /var/lib/HPCCSystems
sudo unzip -d /var/lib
chmod -R a+rwx /var/lib/HPCCSystems

Then, from the directory containing the xml files in this repository, you can run:

  • daserver (Runs the Dali server, which is the persistence mechanism for HPCC)
  • esp (Runs the ESP server, which is the web services and UI layer for HPCC)
  • eclccserver (Runs the ECL compile server, which takes the ECL and compiles it down to C and then a dynmic library)
  • roxie (Runs the Roxie server, which is capable of responding to queries)

If you kickoff each one of those, then you should be ready to run some ECL. Go to http://localhost:8010 in a browser.