@bonesoul bonesoul released this Oct 20, 2013 · 18 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • More code cleanup & bug-fixes.
  • Improved mesh optimization (
  • Added unit tests for engine.
  • Implemented a basic & buggy console & commands subsystem.
  • Implemented a very primitive blocky sky & clouds.
  • Improved logging & configuration facilities.
  • Implemented platform manager that can identify running platform & frameworks.
  • Added vsync & fixed timesteps options to config.ini.
  • Log targets are now also configured in config.ini now.
  • Added an engine.log file log-target.
  • Fixed a bug where chunks in cache-range were not lightened as expected.
  • Added cache-range checks.
  • Improved Chunk's and Block's string representation.
  • Fixed issue #18 where view-range value was incorrectly used when calculating cache width and height. Instead cache-range had to be used and fixed so.
  • Fixed Chunk.FastSetBlockAt() so that minus world coordinates also work. ChunkCache.GetChunk is also fixed for minus values. Player is now spawned at 0,0.
  • Moved chunk statistics calculation to ChunkCache.Draw() - finally the values are preserved, which eventually fixes the chunk debug graph bugs.
  • Added chunk removal queue debug-graph.
  • Fixed a tiny capture mouse & mouse visibility bug.
  • Moved ini-file based config-classes from Engine to Client project. Engine is now free of both Nini reference and the ini file itself. The actual game can do what-ever he wants when he supplies parameters to EngineConfig.
  • The Engine ctor() will now throw an exception when additional instances created (Discussed in issue #43).