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Project knole License

For most of my work, I usually point those interested to a copyright notice on my website, devolving all responsibility to my ancestors, and then myself, in a curiously cyclical, post-Newtonian manner. As you can probably tell, I do not like applying or policing copyright at all. This is because I have never made much money from any of my projects, and most of them are so disparate or expansive, so wedded to the culture in which I live and the work of others that the idea of delineating what is 'mine' swiftly becomes absurd. I also stubbornly like to believe that people, when treated with respect and trust, will return the favour; even if they are on the Internet. This has so far been borne out.

However, because this project will be formally assessed by Bath Spa University, and is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, I do need to make some things clear.

  • I provide this project in the spirit of open academic access, lay curiosity and self-accountability.
  • You may apply to fork the code at any time, and can download the repository for modification, dissection or deconstruction in any private, offline context.
  • Please do not upload or distribute this project elsewhere; a link to this repository or the parent website should be sufficient.
  • I am particularly keen to hear your suggestions, advice and fixes for my code or writing, and I will be happy to cite your contribution in that case, should you provide your details.
  • If you wish to use any of my work directly in a publicly-distributed project, I am very pleased. Rampant cross-pollination should be the goal of all academia. However, I would appreciate an email to, letting me know your exciting plans. In any distribution of such a project you must prominently display the attribution at the foot of this license, as well as communicating to me where the project is being distributed.

I know this all reads very strictly, but it really is important that my work on this project be kept separate from any work that you might do, and that your work is publically and accountably derived from mine. If we follow this process, there won't be any chance of either of us being accused of plagiarism or unfair derivation, and I will be able to point to accountable sources if I reference your work in an academic piece. Universities aren't to be tangled with in this regard.

There is a broad, murky march between plagiarism and inspiration, but I think that if we all use expansive common sense and some very natural intelligence, we'll be just fine.


Sherman, Robert. Project knole: Autocosmic Approaches To Authoring Resonant Computational Characters. 2018 [Online] Available from: [Accessed (date)].