A python package containing tools and functions to evaluate local fields at the muon site for muon spin rotation and relaxation spectroscopy
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Magnetic structure and mUon Embedding Site Refinement

Muesr is a tool for quickly evaluating local fields at the muon sites in Muon Spin Rotation and Relaxation experiments (muSR).


Muesr works with the following minimal requirements:

package version url
python 2.7+ or 3 python.org
numpy 1.6+ numpy.org
lfclib 0.1 muLFC

Optional dependencies are:

package version url provides
spglib 1.8+ Spglib library for finding lattice structure symmetries
XCrysden any XCrysden tool for showing lattice and magnetic structures
sympy 1.0+ Sympy for symbolic Fourier components definition

Install and Usage

The easiest way to install muesr is using pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt muesr

For a detailed description see the documentation.

Known problems

  • Non-standard spacegroup settings can cause some tedious problems when using the spglib functions. Pay attention!

Please note that the code is still under development. You'll probably find bugs, please report them.

Authors & Contributors

Pietro Bonfa', Ifeanyi John Onuorah, Anthony Lim and Roberto De Renzi.

Notes and License

Part of the code in this repository comes from the ASE project. Where not differently specifies, the source code is provided under the GPLv3 license.