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Bongo is currently alpha-quality software. It is under active development and is not yet ready for production servers. However, we encourage you to try it out in a test environment and let us know what you think!

There are two ways to install Bongo: either via packages, or directly from source (recommended).



You can Install from source for the bleeding-edge of development code. Source is usually stable and has the latest bug fixes applied, so we generally recommend you try source if you're trying out Bongo.

Download Images

You can download OpenSUSE 11.3 images from the following URL's

  • OVF virtual machine (.ovf): OVF
  • Preload ISO (.iso): OEMISO
  • VMware / VirtualBox / KVM (.vmdk): VMDK
  • USB stick / hard disk image: HDDIMAGE
  • Xen guest: XEN
  • Amazon EC2 image: EC2
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