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Bonita BPM Google Calendar Connetor (API V3)

This is the implementation of the Bonita BPM Google Calendar based on the Google API V3.

Steps to get the credentials from Google

Go to

Create a project

  • this may take a few seconds to a few minutes

Go to “APIS & AUTH” section and then into “APIs” sub section

  • enable Calendar API row by turning it from OFF to ON

Go to “APIS & AUTH” section and then into “Credentials” sub section

  • click on the red button called “Create New Client ID”
  • select “Service Account” Application type
  • click "Create Client ID"
  • click “Generate new P12 key” and locate the downloaded file in a folder of your choice (in case you had a name in your project name, this file name will contain spaces, remove them.)
  • copy the full path to this file as it is an input parameter of the connector (p12key).
  • copy the EMAIL ADDRESS as it is an input parameter of the connector (service account ID)
  • copy the CLIENT ID as it will be used in your Google Apps Admin Security configuration

Open your own Google Apps Domain

Go to and choose “Security” section, then Advanced Settings and then Manage OAuth Client access

  • copy the CLIENT ID from developer console value and paste it in the Client Name input text field
  • inside the API Scopes input text field, enter
  • click Authorize
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