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Bonita BPM documentation resources

This repository contains the sources of the Bonita BPM documentation site. It uses Markdown to create the documentation content.

Contributing and providing feedbacks

To help you contributing to the Bonita BPM documentation, we provide a set of contribution guidelines. Thanks for taking time to contribute!

For any questions or feedbacks, please use the following resources

View content

Simple view

Using the Github Markdown Format format allows to check the documentation directly on the GitHub repository website.

So a simple way to view documentation content is to browse the md folder on GitHub website.

Advanced view

A more industrialized process is possible.
The project uses JavaScript scripts to manage and deploy content. Therefore, you must first install your favorite node version to be able to build the project (nvm is the best place to start).

Then run in the root folder:

npm install

Then run

npm start

A web server will be launched locally. It converts md files to html (currently without any style). A livereload is also set up and allows any change to the md files to reload its html version in the browser.

Build project

The project contains several tasks to generate the documentation.


Use npm run build to have the html files generated to build/html.
It reads the version to generate from the command line arguments via the -v option or if left blank, reading the varVersion attribute from the scripts/variables.json file.


Once the html has been generated, the taxonomy.json file can be generated from the build/html/taxonomy.html file. Use the npm run taxonomy to do so.


The PDF file gathering all the markdown content can be generated using the npm run pdf command. This command will generate the entire documentation as a PDF document.

To generate one specific page of the documentation, use the parameter --file. (Example for the page "assets": npm run pdf -- --file assets)

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