BPM Execution Engine module for Bonita product
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baptistemesta and educhastenier fix(classloader): avoid multiple classloader refresh (#1011)
On process deploy we were refreshing classloader each time a dependency
was added. Only do it in after transaction now (in an other Thread)

2 ignored tests are added, fixes will be added in other commits.

Closes [BS-16948](https://bonitasoft.atlassian.net/browse/BS-16948)
Latest commit 50b8d0f Jan 4, 2019


bonita-engine Build Status

What it does?

This project builds Bonita Execution Engine (Community Edition)


Java JDK 1.8 or higher

This project bundles the Maven Wrapper, so the mvnw script is available at the project root.

Building the Engine

Just run the following Maven command:

./mvnw install

To be able to successfully build the Bonita components that use the Engine, run:

 ./mvnw install -Ppackage,javadoc

The command above runs all unit tests. To skip them, add the -DskipTests option.

To run all unit + integration tests (on the default embedded H2 database), run the following command:

./mvnw verify -Ptests

To run all unit + integration tests on mysql, postgres or oracle using a Docker container, run one of the following commands:

./mvnw verify -Ptests,mysql
./mvnw verify -Ptests,oracle
./mvnw verify -Ptests,postgres

How to contribute

In order to contribute to the project, read the guide.