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0.5.0 :
* Call preprocessor before executing compilation
* Automatically expose package needed by projects
* Better main module management
* Temporary remove itest feature
* Use of haskell-src for source analysis prior to ghc compilation
0.4.3 :
* Include autogen directory as source directory
* Ignore files begining with .
* Handle IO exception on the listener manager
* By default, ignore all packages to avoid package conflict. All packages should be properly declared in cabal.
0.4.2 :
* More flexibility on package constraints.
0.4.1 :
* Action can take multiple arguments
* test and itest now take function patterns as arguments
* Introduced test-module and itest-module actions
* Corrected main detection
0.4 :
* Action can take argument
* tests actions can filter modules
* action are now case-insensitives
* Integration of test-framework for test-execution
* Replaced QuickCheck and HUnit actions by test action
* Better exception handling
0.3.1 :
* Created IHUnit and IQuickCheck actions. Those actions reuse ghc compilation avoidance to detects if tests need to be executed.
0.3 :
* Created QuickCheck and HUnit action
0.2 :
* Added function to collect modules with their tests
* Created template-haskell to execute tests
* Refactoring : Use of a reader monad
0.1 :
* Initialized Continuous action system
* Created basic actions : compile, clean, quit
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