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Refactor tests
configure quickcheck to be faster (less tests)
integrate a quickcheck driver
Big refactoring : Better model for information representation, better separations!
Optimisation possible by saving the files to listen
Clean module export
Cabal Integration :
Propose which composant (Library? Executable?) to build
Trap ctrl+c
Trap ctrl+d
Correct import module (only import necessary functions)
Create action command
Use a monad writer for cabal information extraction
Correct alignement when launching test
command case insensitive
Test changes are not taken loaded when using ~QuickCheck
Done :
Make action take parameters from command line
Implement QuickCheck Action
bug : ~Compile launch two fork the first time
Convert InputShaker parameter to Monad
Support multi action
Implement Clean
FileListen should take a list of directory
A more flexible action plugin system
Enhanced command-line interface (use haskell-line?)
Support Completion
Use hlint on the project
Configure cabal
Externalize configuration
Cabal Integration :
Get config through cabal api
Exclude main methods from fullCompile
If no source dir is specified, an error is throwed
correct fullcompile. Concat source dir from all artifacts (currently only use the first)
Make tests action take pattern as parameters
Change parse result if there is invalid action