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[X] Update ModuleData in reader before action
[X] Save on parse
[X] Read data file if exist and newer than corresponding source code
[X] update reader monad on action
[_] Completion on test-module and test
[_] Completion on test-module
[_] Completion on test
[X] Discovery of signature-less tests
[X] Correct command-line argument management
[X] Only load necessary loaded when executing tests
[X] With ghc discovery, only fetch exported functions
[X] bug with test
[X] When using pattern filtering, dependencies (like CommonTest) are not loaded. Reason : bad hs-source dir in cabal
[_] performance
[_] serialize ShakerInput to accelerate tests
[_] test projets
[_] xmonad
[X] compile
[X] fullcompile
[_] test
[_] Manage test with multiple mains
[_] cabal
[X] compile
[_] fullcompile
[_] Probleme de System.IOExts (dans haskell98)
[_] test
[_] hunit
[_] compile
[X] fullcompile
[_] test
[X] gitit
[X] compile
[X] fullcompile