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Elevator Challenge

This is my entry into the first battle on /r/webdevbattles, which is to simulate the functionality of an elevator. I decided to go for a simulation that focuses on the efficiency of a group of elevators. The elevators and passengers work as autonomous agents, and the website user can add new passengers to the simulation and see how long it takes them to get to their destination. Ideally the application would allow users to customize the elevator request selection logic in an attempt to optimize the travel time of passengers, but I won't go that far right now.

The application is entirely client-side and is built using AngularJS, and the UI uses Bootstrap but is fairly simple, so there is no complicated CSS or responsive design.

The elevator behavior is quite buggy at the moment, and they can get stuck going between two floors. To fix it I think I need to change the pickup/dropoff set to a queue and move to floors at the front of the queue, stopping at other floors if needed. I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to doing that though.