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WordPress jQuery Plugin Widget

Drop this script on your page and it will build you a beautiful widget that displays the status of your WordPress plugin.

Test the widget online with your own username.

What does it look like?

Something like this:

Widget Image

How about a real demo

Sure! Here you go:

WordPress Plugin Widget Demo

How do I use it?

Everwhere you want a widget to be placed, add the following markup:

<div class="wordpress-widget" data-slug="slug-of-your-plugin"></div>

Then include the javascript file somewhere after you've include jQuery:

<script src="jquery.WordPressPluginWidget.js"></script>


  • data-slug
    required - the slug of your plugin

  • data-banner-format
    optional, the image format of your banner image. Default is PNG, set this to JPG if your banner image is in JPEG and not PNG.

  • data-banner
    optional, set to data-banner="none" if your plugin does not have a banner image

Version history


  • Banner image is now clickable
  • Banner image now also supports JPG (default is PNG)


  • Added plugin banner header images
  • Data attribute for when not using headers, then a fallback image is used
  • Added a nice pushed down active state for the download button
  • Demo page: distribute widgets horizontally
  • Demo page: responsive styles
  • Demo page: official WordPress blue hex color for links


  • It works!


This plugin is based on GitHub jQuery Repo Widget. I've only changed it to fetch data from instead of GitHub, and then I also changed it to look to be bit more WordPress-ish.

The original license in included in this folder, and it's also available here: license.


jQuery plugin to show WordPress plugin information




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