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Instructions on Setting up Google Cloud

The following deploys an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS f1.micro Google Cloud Compute Engine VM. It automatically installs Docker and a bitcoind Docker image. It automatically updates daily, both Ubuntu patches and pulling a new Docker image.

Please note... the default uses the free f1.micro instance. This is a .6 GB RAM system. It's not great. It would be recommended to edit the and use a g1.small, which is a 1.7 GB RAM system.


These instructions assume that you:

  • have a Google Cloud account
  • have the Google Cloud SDK installed and configured.
  • Terraform version 0.10.X or 0.11.X

Google Configuration

These instructions are based loosely on Google's recommended instructions.

Albeit, slightly different... Assuming you have gcloud setup properly and ready to go:

  • Create the project:
gcloud projects create bitcoin-node
gcloud projects list
  • Set it to the default (useful for future commands):
gcloud config set project bitcoin-node-<NUMBER>
gcloud alpha billing accounts list
  • Now, we can enable billing for that project:
gcloud beta billing projects link bitcoin-node-<NUMBER> --billing-account <BILLING-ACCOUNT-NUMBER>
gcloud iam service-accounts create bitcoin-node-terraformm --display-name "Bitcoin-node Terraform account"
gcloud iam service-accounts keys create ~/.config/bitcoin-node-terraform.json --iam-account bitcoin-node-terraform@bitcoin-node-<NUMBER>
gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding bitcoin-node-<NUMBER> --member serviceAccount:bitcoin-node-terraform@bitcoin-node-<NUMBER> --role roles/viewer
  • Enable the Compute API -
gcloud services enable
  • (Skipping over the remote storage for Terraform for now; will add later).
  • Configure environment variables:
export GOOGLE_CREDENTIALS=$(cat ~/.config/bitcoin-node-terraform.json)
export GOOGLE_PROJECT=bitcoin-node-<NUMBER>
  • And that should be it! Now to Terraform...
terraform init
terraform plan
terraform apply

Note the above will ask you for your project ID (the bitcoin-node-<NUMBER>). You can add a default value in the file to remove this prompt. Once deployed, you'll have a full node syncing up with the Bitcoin network. Head to the Google Cloud Compute page to monitor the newly created bitcoin-node instance.

To SSH to your instance, you can use the gcloud interface:

gcloud compute --project "bitcoin-node-<NUMBER>" ssh --zone "us-west1-a" "bitcoin-node"


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