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This project containers various Dockerfiles, docker-compose files, ans ansible-container files. It's a collection of environments and tools that I use.

  • devcontainers - a Docker container meant to act as a DevOps/cloud infrastructure environment. Has multiple DevOps tools, such as AWS CLI, Azure CLI, GCloud, Ansible, Terraform, etc. End result Docker image can be found here.
  • docker-compose - a collection of docker-compose files, used for testing.

devcontainer build

  • Clone the repository:
git clone
  • From the containers project directory, setup the environment:
cd containers
  • Activate the PIP environment:
source ./env/bin/activate
  • Verify ansible-container is active:
ansible-container version

Output should be something like:

Ansible Container, version 0.9.2rc0
  • See the in the subdirectories for more information on individual projects. In general, it should be the following:

  • To build the Docker images change to the project, run:

ansible-container build 
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