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A Google Kubernetes Engine Grafana deployment. Meant to be used with nginx-ingress-controller, kube-cert-manager, oauth, and Prometheus.
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This deploys a Grafana Kubernetes deployment to Google Kubernetes Engine, in the namespace monitoring. This deployment is meant to integrate with an NGINX Ingress Controller, a Lets Encrypt Kubernetes Certificate Manager, oauth2_proxy, and Prometheus.


  • A Google Cloud account with Google Kubernetes Engine configured.
  • The monitoring namespace.
  • An NGINX Ingress Controller and a LetsEncrypt kube-cert-manager deployment. Note you will want/need this to access it publically, but it is not necessary to simply run Prometheus and Grafana in Kubernetes. This particular deployment uses it.
  • An oauth2_proxy service deployment.
  • Prometheus.

It integrates with these components to provide an ingress, a TLS secret, an authentication mechanism, and the Prometheus back end..


  • Create the Grafana secret:
kubectl -n monitoring create secret generic grafana-credentials --from-literal=GF_SECURITY_ADMIN_PASSWORD=yourpassword

Before deploying, edit the cert.yml and grafana-ingress.yml files. Change EXAMPLE.ORG to your domain. Note the requirements above, with the NGINX Ingress Controller, kube-cert-manager, and oauth. A fast way to modify this is with sed:

# OSX example
sed -i '' 's/GRAFANA.EXAMPLE.ORG/' ./*

The deployment script can quickly deploy Grafana:

# if it doesn't exist, create the namespace - `kubectl create namespace monitoring`

This runs the following:

kubectl create -f cert.yml
kubectl create -f pvc.yml
kubectl create -f grafana-deployment.yml
kubectl create -f grafana-service.yml
kubectl create -f grafana-ingress.yml


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