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The Kubernetes YAML files for GKE in order to deploy the kube-cert-manager.


  • The kube-cert-manager-google secret:
kubectl create secret generic kube-cert-manager-google --from-file=${HOME}/.config/gcloud/kube-cert-manager.json

This file is created from a Google Cloud service account. Example commands to create the eqivalent account:

gcloud --project EXAMPLE-123456 iam service-accounts create kube-cert-manager --display-name "kube-cert-manager"
gcloud --project EXAMPLE-123456 iam service-accounts keys create ~/.config/kube-cert-manager.json --iam-account
gcloud --project EXAMPLE-123456 projects add-iam-policy-binding EXAMPLE-123456 --member --role roles/dns.admin

More information on Google Cloud and GKE service account creation can be found in these notes.


kubectl create -f rbac.yml
kubectl create -f certificate-type.yml
kubectl create -f pvc.yml
kubectl create -f deployment.yml


  • To uninstall/remove:
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