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# tasks file for kube.init-rbac
- name: Create the kubectl directory.
path: /data/kubectl
state: directory
- name: Template in the Weave daemonset.
src: weave-net.yml.j2
dest: /data/kubectl/weave-net.yml
- name: Check for the Weave password.
shell: kubectl --namespace kube-system get secret | grep weave-passwd | awk '{ print $1 }'
register: weave_secret
- name: Generate Weave password secret if it doesn't exist.
shell: |
< /dev/urandom tr -dc _A-Z-a-z-0-9 | head -c48
register: weave_pass
when: weave_secret.stdout.find('weave-passwd') == -1
- name: Create the Weave secret.
shell: |
kubectl create secret generic weave-passwd -n kube-system --from-literal=weave-passwd='{{ weave_pass.stdout }}'
when: weave_secret.stdout.find('weave-passwd') == -1
- name: Check for Weave daemonset.
shell: kubectl --namespace kube-system get daemonset | grep weave | awk '{ print $1 }'
register: weave_daemonset
- name: Deploy the Weave CNI.
shell: kubectl apply -f /data/kubectl/weave-net.yml
when: weave_daemonset.stdout.find('weave') == -1
- name: Template the kube-dns files.
src: "{{ item }}.j2"
dest: "/data/kubectl/{{ item }}"
- kube-dns-serviceaccount.yml
- kube-dns-configmap.yml
- kube-dns-controller.yml
- kube-dns-service.yml
- name: Deploy the kube-dns service account.
shell: kubectl apply -f /data/kubectl/kube-dns-serviceaccount.yml
- name: Deploy the kube-dns deployment.
shell: kubectl apply -f /data/kubectl/kube-dns-controller.yml
- name: Deploy the kube-dns service.
shell: kubectl apply -f /data/kubectl/kube-dns-service.yml