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kubernetes 1.7.x Terraform

Deployment of the Kubernetes infrastructure. Meant to be used with the AWS VPC deployment. This deploys:

  • cfssl instance.
  • etcd cluster.
  • kubernetes controller cluster.
  • kubernetes workers.
  • EFS storage (NFS backend if needed).

quick start

  • Export your AWS keys (note - if you have your credentials saved at ~/.aws/config, you can just source the source script, source ../
  • Edit the accordingly. Some important ones:

    • env - the environment, used for tagging/labeling instances.
    • cidr - the first two octets of the AWS VPC cidr.
    • keypair - this should be the public SSH key that manages the instances. Needs to exist in AWS.
    • kubernetes_cluster_id - this is a tag that Kubernetes uses to manage AWS resources. Must match the Ansible variable.
  • Run Terraform:

terraform plan
terraform apply
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