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Ruby Wrapper for Tango Card RaaS API.
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Codeship Status for bonusly/tangocard

Ruby Wrapper for Tango Card RaaS API.

Tango Card provides a RaaS API for developers ( This gem provides commonsense Ruby objects to wrap the JSON endpoints of the RaaS API.


Getting Help


Add the tangocard gem to your Gemfile:

gem 'tangocard'

Create an initializer, e.g. config/initializers/tangocard.rb:

Tangocard.configure do |c| = "BonuslyXYZ"
  c.key = "Dnv9ehvff29"
  c.base_uri = ""

There are three required configuration parameters:

  • name - The API account name you receive from Tango Card
  • key - The API account key you receive from Tango Card
  • base_uri - This defaults to the Tango Card sandbox. For production, you must specify the base URI for the production RaaS API. Make sure not to include /raas/v1 or any trailing slashes.

There are also optional configuration parameters:

  • default_brands - An array of strings for the brands you want to retrieve with Tangocard::Brand.default. The strings should match the unique brand description fields exactly.
  • local_images - An array of local image names/URIs that you want to display instead of the default Tango Card-provided image_url. image_url is sometimes blank, so this can be handy in those cases.
  • sku_blacklist - Reward SKUs that are blacklisted, ie. should never be returned as a purchasable reward.
  • use_cache - Use cache for Tangocard::Brand queries, defaults to true. The cache can be refreshed by calling Tangocard.warm_cache
  • cache - Which cache to use, defaults to ActiveSupport::Cache::MemoryStore. Using an out-of-process cache e.g. hosted memcache will improve performance and stability.
  • logger - i.e. Rails.logger

Getting Started

This gem provides two tools:

  1. A simple wrapper for the Tango Card RaaS API, consisting of two classes: Tangocard::Raas and Tangocard::Response.
  2. Models for each of the Tango Card objects: Tangocard::Account, Tangocard::Brand, Tangocard::Reward, Tangocard::Order and Tangocard::ExchangeRate. These provide a greater level of abstraction and ease of use.

Notes and Credits

This project is developed and maintained by Smartly, Inc. - makers of

This project uses the MIT-LICENSE.

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