Slack notifications for the Luigi workflow manager
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PyPI version

luigi-slack adds Slack notifications to Luigi.


Install from the PyPI:

pip install luigi_slack

Bleeding edge version from GitHub:

git clone
cd luigi-slack
python install


At the moment this is a proof-of-concept, version 0.1, and it should be considered experimental.


  • Developed for Python 3.4
  • Support for Python 2 is best-effort (PR welcome)
  • Configurable notifications on different events
  • Notifications on channels and to specific user via direct message
  • Straightforward interface


Example of usage:

import luigi
from luigi_slack import SlackBot, notify

# ...

slacker = SlackBot(token='my-token',
                   channels=['my_channel', '@my_username'])
with notify(slacker):

Notice: channel names don't include the initial #, while user names do include the initial @.

SlackBot Configuration

SlackBot takes a number of arguments, but only the token is mandatory. You can customise the SlackBot behaviour with the following arguments:

  • channels: list of channels/usernames you want to notify (default=[])
  • events: list of events to track, as defined in (default=[FAILURE])
  • max_events: max number of events of the same type displayed, before a "please check logs" message is given (default=5)
  • username: the screen name of your bot (default='Luigi-slack Bot')
  • as_user: true to post the message as the authenticated user (default=False). When true the argument username is ignored.
  • task_representation: the function used to give a string representation of the task (default=str)
  • print_env: list of environment variables to include in the notification (default=[]). Useful when running multiple pipelines/environments and sending the notification in a single Slack channel.

Blog post with a more verbose description of this package.


Credits: inspired by luigi-monitor.