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Update changelot for 0.10.6 release

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commit 9eab386edbf8cf002a731f8204a156f243a47a57 1 parent 0def145
Anthony Liguori authored
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3  Changelog
@@ -23,6 +23,9 @@ version 0.10.6:
- Fix migration after hot remove with eepro100 (Mark McLoughlin)
- Don't start a VM after failed migration if stopped (Anthony Liguori)
- Fix live migration under heavy IO load (Glauber Costa)
+ - Honor -S on incoming migration (Paolo Bonzini)
+ - Reset HPET config register on reset (Beth Kon)
+ - Reset PS2 keyboard/mouse on reset (Dinesh Subraveti)
version 0.10.5:
- kvm: trim unsupported cpu features from cpuid (Avi Kivity)
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