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Blogging Pact

This repo is to record our successes and failures in our blogging pact.

We've decided to put $1 into a pot every week. When someone doesn't blog, the other person gets the pot. The deadline is 11:59 every Wednesday night. (Occasionally, we'll extend the deadline by a day or 2 if everyone agrees.) A pull request must be submitted by the deadline.

We've decided that it's not strictly blogging that we want to encourage. Any of the following alternatives are acceptable:

  • An article, on a blog or elsewhere, minimum 200 words
  • A podcast episode, running at least 40 minutes
  • A list of at least 10 commits to Open Source projects

There's no restriction on topics. Personal, technical, and business topics are all fair game. Whatever the work, it must be published publicly. We'll keep a list of what we publish here.


Deadline Craig Sam Pot
2020-05-27 That Feeling When Your Air Conditioning Dones't Work $8
2020-05-20 Game Review In Screenshots: Stellaris $6
2020-05-13 Series: RPG Campaign Settings $4
2020-05-06 The Story Behind "sehqlr" $2
2020-01-22 Wikis as Multigraphs of Text $1


Deadline Craig Neem Pot
2016-07-20 This Agile Life Episode 113 $6
2016-07-13 Agile Glossary $4
2016-07-06 You Don't Have to Be Right Pre-talk annoyances and how that’s strengthening my talk $2
Deadline Craig Neem Pot
2016-02-16 (NONE - owes Neem $24) Resetting the reading list $48
2016-02-10 My First Open Space Three years in tech $46
2016-02-02 This Agile Life episode 105 $44
2016-01-26 (none) (none) $44
2016-01-19 Resolutions for 2016 $42
2016-01-11 My 2015 2015 in Review $40
2016-01-04 Team Values Culturally Muslim $38


Deadline Craig Bryan Neem Pot
2015-02-02 Resolutions Close Enough $2
2015-02-09 Finding Your Way (none)
2015-02-16 (none) (none)
2015-02-23 Hexagonal Rails Controllers
2015-04-13 It's okay to be average
2015-04-20 A talk, a ticket, and unexpected trust
2015-04-27 The Power of 1% Paired programming is awesome! Paired programming sucks!
2015-05-04 Good Enough A short thought on boredom
2015-05-11 When Should We Do TDD? A tribute to my grandmother
2015-05-18 From Agile To Happiness Learning to swim
2015-05-25 Too Damn Loud When good is scary
2015-06-01 Architectural Thoughts Learn to apologize
2015-06-08 Courage Google I/O
2015-06-15 (personal letter) What makes homelessness hard
2015-06-22 Not Quite Callbacks The Dress
2015-06-29 Assumptions
2015-07-06 personal letters
2015-07-13 Software Carpentry in Hawaii $2
2015-07-20 Resignation from SLUUG (username/password: discuss/freely) Roy Clay Sr. Web Development and Entrepreneurship $4
2015-08-31 Potential F5 Vulnerability What to Wear $6
2015-09-08 Website Checklist Two Different Worlds $8
2015-09-14 This Agile Life episode 99 After September 11 $10
2015-09-21 I Made a Mistake The upside of blogging $12
2015-09-28 The Problem With Estimates Strangeloop 2015 $14
2015-10-05 Losing Weight Meeting people at conferences $16
2015-10-12 Ruby Preserves presentation at STL Ruby The nerdiest jewelry $18
2015-10-19 Relationship Goals The Dark Side of Conferences $20
2015-11-02 Impromptu Retrospective [Teaching the elderly tech skills] ( $22
2015-11-09 Happiness Retrospective Follow up to: Teaching the elderly tech skills $24
2015-11-24 Show and Tell CTO of the United States $26
2015-11-30 This Agile Life episode 103 The Non-Native Guide to Navigating Devon Avenue $28
2015-12-07 The Ultimate Optimization Year Books $30
2015-12-15 Encouragement 2015 Asynchrony Performance Review $32
2015-12-22 Face Your Fears The Asthma Struggle $34
2015-12-28 2015 Year in Review Brown Girl <3 White Guy $36


Deadline Amos Craig Pot
2014-01-20 Introspective Introspective $2
2014-01-26 A Second Time Testing Rails Validators $4
2014-02-02 Smaller is Better What I Want in a Blog Engine $6
2014-02-09 Lethal Injection Empathy $8
2014-02-17 Let Your Yes be Yes and Your No be No Includable ActiveRecord $10
2014-02-23 Story Splitting Revisited Chording Keyers $12
2014-03-03 Lost in Translation Yak Shaving #1: Cursor Keys $14
2014-03-11 Important Partnerships Burying the Lede $16
2014-03-16 Just the Tip Slow Down! $18
2014-03-23 What Do I Want? Estimation Isn’t Agile $20
2014-03-31 An Agile Contract Brilliant - My Very Own Programming Language $22
2014-04-07 (none) (none) --
2014-04-14 (none) Ruby Pattern: Parameterized Module Inclusion $24
2014-04-21 What is BDD anyway? (none) $2
2014-04-28 (none) (none) --
2014-05-05 (none) TDD Is Alive And Well $2


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