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Welcome to the rails-base project wiki.

The plan here is to have a base Rails application that includes features common to most Rails apps. Using GIT, we can start with the base app, and apply any changes to the base app back to the rails-base repository, while keeping application-specific changes separate. Likewise, we can update multiple applications with a simple ‘’git pull rails-base’’ in each.

Here are some of the added features. (Note that some are not yet implemented.)

  • rspec and rspec_on_rails plugins
    • additional matchers
  • restful_authentication plugin
    • password resets (with tokens sent via email)
  • additional rake tasks
    • common SVN/GIT tasks
  • exception_notification plugin
  • annotate_models plugin and rake task
  • will_paginate plugin
  • selenium-on-rails (will probably remove this in deference to webrat)
  • webrat for acceptance testing
    • additional integration w/ RSpec
  • haml plugin
    • NOTE: Requires the haml gem; will soon either use config.gem, or put it in vendor/gems/.
  • added staging environment, to test on production server, without touching the production database