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  • bug fix

    • Only add the “required” HTML 5 attribute for valid inputs, disable in selects (not allowed)

    • Fix error when using hints without an attribute (by and

    • Fix messy html output for hint, error and label components (by and


  • enhancements

    • Allow collection input to accept a collection of symbols

    • Add default css class to button

    • Allow forms for objects that don't respond to the “errors” method

    • collection_check_boxes and collection_radio now wrap the input in the label

    • Automatic add min/max values for numeric attributes based on validations and step for integers - HTML5 (by

    • Add :placeholder option for string inputs, allowing customization through I18n - HTML5 (by

    • Add :search and :tel input types, with :tel mapping automatically from attributes matching “phone” - HTML5

    • Add :required html attribute for required inputs - HTML5

    • Add optional :components option to input to control component rendering (by

    • Add SimpleForm.translate as an easy way to turn off SimpleForm internal translations

    • Add :disabled option for all inputs (by

    • Add collection wrapper tag and item wrapper tag to wrap elements in collection helpers - radio / check boxes

    • Add SimpleForm.input_mappings to allow configuring custom mappings for inputs (by

  • bug fix

    • Search for validations on both association and attribute

    • Use controller.action_name to lookup action only when available, to fix issue with Rspec views tests (by


  • enhancements

    • Compatibility with Rails 3 RC


  • enhancements

    • Added haml generator support (by

    • Added error_notification message to form builder

    • Added required by default as configuration option

    • Added label_input as component, allowing boolean to change its order (input appearing first than label)

    • Added error_method to tidy up how errors are exhibited

    • Added error class on wrappers (by

    • Changed numeric types to have type=number for HTML5


  • deprecation

    • Changed simple_form_install generator to simple_form:install

  • enhancements

    • Added support to presence validation to check if attribute is required or not (by

    • Added .input as class to wrapper tag

    • Added config options for hint and error tags (by


  • deprecation

    • removed :conditions, :order, :joins and :include support in f.association


  • bug fix

    • Ensure type is set to “text” and not “string”


  • bug fix

    • Fix some escaping issues


  • enhancements

    • Rails 3 support with generators, templates and HTML 5


  • First release