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Simple breakout game for Arduboy
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Simple breakout game for Arduboy. Vertical screen version.


Move racket to keep the ball in the field and Hit the ball to all 50 bricks.

You have 5 balls. The game will end when you lost all balls.

Since the game screen is 90 degrees rotated clockwise, hold your arduboy so as RIGHT button gets UP position.

  • Start : A button
  • Move : UP and DOWN


  1. Download Zip or Git Clone from:
  2. Open Breakout-v.ino with Arduino IDE
  3. Upload to your Arduboy


  • B button starts the game with no sound.
  • Holding LEFT when start the game activates "demo mode". The racket follows the position of the ball automatically. To exit demo mode, press A or B.
  • Holding RIGHT when start the game makes the game speed 2x faster.
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