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BoochTek, LLC

Helping Teams Achieve Their Full Potential - Web Development, Ruby on Rails, Agile Practices. NOTE: Most projects entail private client code.


  1. Implementation of the repository pattern for ActiveRecord, splitting domain model and persistence classes

    Ruby 66 5

  2. Minimalist ORM (object-relational mapper) for Ruby, using the Data Mapper pattern.

    Ruby 11 1

  3. Build ActiveRecord models via module inclusion instead of class inheritance.

    Ruby 1 2

  4. Automation for building and configuring our servers

    HCL 2

  5. mac_config Public

    Scripted installation and configuration of Mac OS X apps and preferences

    Shell 59 12

  6. checklists Public

    Checklists to ensure we don't forget things

    8 2


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