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Colour codes for resistors in 7 different languages.
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2 parents 46cbb23 + 73171b4 commit 0e726d94ead5ff70520b9578aee82dbf297fce11 @book committed Jun 3, 2012
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@@ -224,3 +224,18 @@ vermelho laranja amarelo verde azul anil violeta
rod orange gul gron bla indigo violet
# names rainbow tl
pula kahel dilaw lunti bughaw indigo lila
+# names resistor en
+black brown red orange yellow green blue violet gray white gold silver
+# names resistor ca
+negre marro vermell taronja groc vert blau violeta gris blanc daurat argent
+# names resistor dk
+sort brun rod orange gul gron bla violet gra hvid guld solv
+# names resistor du
+zwart bruin rood oranje geel groen blauw violet grijs wit goud zilver
+# names resistor ee
+must pruun punane oranz kollane reheline sinine violetne hall valge
+kuldne hobedane
+# names resistor es
+negro marron rojo naranja amarillo verde azul violeta gris blanco dorado plata
+# names resistor fr
+noir marron rouge orange jaune vert blue violet gris blanc or argent

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