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* sponsor donation: allow for donation from non registered users;
* corporate registration: register n people from same company in one shot.
* add a can_purchase_registration() method to Act::User
* change password barfs on non ASCII characters
* main act.ini should be renamed to avoid confusion with conferences act.ini
* schedule columns should be fixed width
* replace login with email address
the display name would be nick_name, pseudonymous would be the default behavior
* display a nicer page for expired twostep urls, instead of 404 (rjbs)
* let the organizers force the registration of existing users
(useful for speakers who can't be bothered to use the site,
but will give a talk)
* the payments page should let the one create a new user, register it
and add a payment (and use the code for finding duplicate users)
(useful for on site registration during the conference)
* define a set of coherent CSS styles for the application templates,
so that conference organizers may easily override the application
look and feel, and integrate it into their web site
* attendees: if a registered user doesn't show up, how is s/he counted?
should there be a way for the organisers to mark the attendees as
present? When a conference is over, treasurer/orga should be able to
unregister participants who didn't show up.
* some statistics for the organizers
- T-shirts stats:
select count(*), tshirt_size from participations where conf_id=? group by tshirt_size;
- family stats:
select sum(nb_family) from participations where conf_id=?
* remove duplicate users from the database. this is an administrative task
which requires contacting users and asking which of their many logins
to keep
* most tables should be sortable by clicking on column headers.
=> by default, sort the user search results by registration date, not
by user_id
* more tests, especially for the web interface
* may a user have a different photograph every year?
* global user stats (top attendee, top speaker, etc)
* user-configurable searchlimit
* support for several monger groups (addition, search)
* PDF immutable invoices
* create a eg/ directory with at least two example conferences
* support for per conference options, like
- register the hotel (e.g. european hackathon 2007)
- vegetarian food
* hackathons do not have talks. Support that by disabling the talks
related handlers.
* handle the edition of lightning talk sessions, by creating something
less burdensome than the current talk:id
* shouldn't the tshirt size at user creation not be shown when the
conference doesn't include a T-shirt?
* should the tshirt size be 'per conference'? (but copied from the
info stored in the users base)
* Special Needs Support in a Flexible Way
Registration should be able to accept information for many different things
like the need of special meals, t-shirts size, special needs for
accommodation and the like. Registration for a specific event shouldn't
include information which is irrelevant to that event.
* Optional SSL Protected Admin Login
There should be an optional SSL protected login option, at least for admins,
allowing them to login to the website without being evasedropped.
* RSS feed for the wiki