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This repository contains everything needed to build the web site.

The database is created with:

$ bin/create-database

It is then populated with:

$ bin/update-boards

While developing, it's possible to test the website with a browser by running plackup:

$ plackup bin/cpanio.cgi

And the static website is itself built with:

$ bin/build-site

The live site on is generated hourly by running the bin/update-boards and bin/build-site commands in a cron job.

All the assets are committed in the site/static directory. They are generated by the bin/build-assets script, which only needs to be run if modified.

The production cron setup looks like this:

1 * * * * /home/book/git/d/CPANio/bin/update-boards ; /home/book/git/d/CPANio/bin/build-site /home/book/www/