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Revision history for WWW-Mailman
1.061 2016-07-23 BOOK
- archive_mbox_uri returns the URI for the full mbox archive (if any)
- switched to dzil for packaging
1.06 2013-05-07 BOOK
- fix the test code for perl 5.17
- allow for several configuration files for live tests
- several minor test improvements
1.05 2011-12-22 BOOK
- add support for Mailman installs that do not use /mailman/
in their URL (RT #73312)
- add a version() method
- enforce content-encoding to latin-1 when submitting forms,
to fix some double encoding issues
1.04 2010-04-06 BOOK
- more accurate prerequites
1.03 2010-04-01 BOOK
- better support for sites behind HTTP authentication
- mm_roster (forgotten in v1.01)
1.02 2010-03-30 BOOK
- new method: admin()
- admin() is the entry point for a bunch of other methods:
admin_archive(), admin_autoreply(), admin_bounce(),
admin_contentfilter(), admin_digest(), admin_gateway(),
admin_general(), admin_language(), admin_nondigest(),
admin_passwords(), admin_topics()
- live test for some admin methods
1.01 2010-03-28 BOOK
- new method: roster()
- live test for roster()
1.00 2010-03-25 BOOK
- basic features: constructor, accessors
- autologin, cookie management
- options(), othersubs(), changepw(), emailpw(), unsub()
- mm_othersubs, mm_emailpw, mm_options, mm_nodupes
- live tests with working credentials if provided
- numerous examples scripts in eg/
- 94% coverage (with live tests)