BookBrainz website, written in node.js.
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BookBrainz Site

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This repository contains the code for the BookBrainz web site. The directories are arranged as follows:

  • config - the config to be used when running the site; copy the example files and edit, dropping the .example suffix.
  • scripts - scripts used during the development and deployment of BookBrainz.
  • src - node.js source files defining the site logic and user interface.
  • static - static files which are served by node as part of the site.
  • templates - Jade templates defining how the site looks - we're slowly replacing these with React.
  • test - unit tests and functional tests for the site.

Additionally, after building the client JavaScript (see below), the following directories will exist:

  • static/stylesheets - the CSS generated from compiling the project LESS files (src/client/stylesheets).
  • static/js - minified JavaScript files which are referred to by the site pages.


Auto-generated developer documentation can be found at our corresponding doclets site. Our contributing guide can be found here.

Setting up a local BookBrainz server

Installing Dependencies

BookBrainz depends on having PostgreSQL, Redis and Elasticsearch and NodeJS set up and running.

To get PostgreSQL, use one of the following commands:

Debian-based OS

sudo apt-get install postgresql

Red Hat-based OS

sudo yum install postgresql-server

To install Redis, run similar commands to get the dependency from your package manager:

Debian-based OS

sudo apt-get install redis-server

Red Hat-based OS

sudo yum install redis

To install Elasticsearch, follow the instructions at

And finally, for NodeJS, choose the correct installation file, or view the instructions for package managers at

Setting up Dependencies

No setup is required for Redis or Elasticsearch. However, it is necessary to perform some initialization for PostgreSQL and import the latest BookBrainz database dump.

Firstly, begin downloading the latest BookBrainz dump from

Then, uncompress the latest.tar.bz2 file, using the bzip2 command:

bzip2 -d latest.tar.bz2

This will give you a file that you can restore into PostgreSQL, which will set up data identical to the data we have on the website. To do this, run:

sudo -u postgres pg_restore -e -C -O latest.tar -d postgres

At this point, the database is set up, and the following command should give you a list of usernames of BookBrainz editors (after entering the password from earlier):

sudo -u postgres psql bookbrainz -c "SELECT name FROM bookbrainz.editor"


Since this project makes use of git submodules, you need to use git clone --recursive to clone it. Alternatively you can follow the directions in the documentation linked here to manually initialize submodules.

Currently used submodules:

To clone the repository and point the local HEAD to the latest commit in the stable branch, something like the following command should work:

git clone --recursive

Installing Packages

The site depends on a number of node packages which can be installed using npm:

cd bookbrainz-site/
npm install

This command will also compile the site LESS and JavaScript source files.


Create a copy of config.json.example and rename it to config.json. Then, edit the values so that they are correct for your environment. If the prior instructions have been followed, it should only be necessary to change the PostgreSQL username and password.

Building and running

A number of subcommands exist to manage the installation and run the server. These are described here; any commands not listed should not be called directly:

  • start - start the server in production mode, with code built once
  • debug - start the server in debug mode, with code watched for changes
  • lint - check the code for syntax and style issues
  • test - perform linting and attempt to compile the code
  • jsdoc - build the documentation for JSDoc annotated functions within the code


The test suite is built using Mocha and Chai. Before running the tests, you will need to set up a bookbrainz_test database in postgres. Here are the instructions to do so:

  1. Clone the bookbrainz-sql repository. We will refer below to the directory simply as bookbrainz-sql/
  2. Run the following postgres commands to create and set up the bookbrainz_test database:
  • psql -c 'CREATE DATABASE bookbrainz_test;' -U postgres
  • psql -c 'CREATE EXTENSION "uuid-ossp"; CREATE SCHEMA musicbrainz; CREATE SCHEMA bookbrainz;' -d bookbrainz_test -U postgres
  • psql -f bookbrainz-sql/schemas/musicbrainz.sql -d bookbrainz_test -U postgres
  • psql -f bookbrainz-sql/schemas/bookbrainz.sql -d bookbrainz_test -U postgres
  • psql -f bookbrainz-sql/scripts/create_triggers.sql -d bookbrainz_test -U postgres
  1. Profit.