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Bookdown generates DocBook-like HTML output using Markdown and JSON files instead of XML.

Bookdown is especially well-suited for publishing project documentation to GitHub Pages.

Read more about it at

Current Work

tobiju/bookdown-bootswatch-templates is now part of Bookdown. You can use it by setting the "template": "bookdown/themes", in your bookdown.json


This is a list of custom templates


To run the tests after composer install, issue ./vendor/bin/phpunit at the package root.


(In no particular order.)

  • new bookdown.json elements

    • "numbering": indicates how to number the pages at this level (decimal, upper-alpha, lower-alpha, upper-roman, lower-roman)

    • "authors": name, note, email, and website of book authors

    • "editors": name, note, email, and website of book editors

    • "beforeToc": indicates a Markdown file to place on the index page before the TOC

    • "afterToc": indicates a Markdown file to place on the index page after the TOC

    • "subtitle": indicates a subtitle on an index page

  • navigational elements

    • sidebar of siblings at the current level

    • breadcrumb-trail of parents leading to the current page

  • features

    • Automatically add a "date/time generated" value to the root config object and display on the root page

    • Display authors, editors, etc. on root page

    • A command to take a PHPDocumentor structure.xml file and convert it to a Bookdown origin structure (Markdown files + bookdown.json files)

    • A process to rewrite links on generated pages (this is for books collected from multiple different sources, and for changing origin *.md links to target *.html links)

    • Pre-process and post-process behavior to copy and/or remove site files

    • Treat the root page as different from other indexes, allow it to be a nice "front page" for sites