First Beta Release

@pmjones pmjones released this Mar 4, 2016 · 80 commits to 1.x since this release

This is the first beta release, with numerous fixes, improvements, and additions. It is a "Google Beta" release; this means we are paying special attention to avoiding BC breaks, but one or two may be necessary.

  • Override values in bookdown.json are no longer relative to the bookdown.json directory.
  • International and multibyte characters are now rendered correctly (cf. #12, #13, #34, et al.).
  • Add UTF8 meta in the template header.
  • Added --root-href as a command-line option.
  • Added a "copy images" process to download/copy images to target path.
  • Added CommonMark extension support.
  • Added Markdown table support via webuni/commonmark-table-extension.
  • Added TOC depth support for multiple books and index pages.
  • Added "copyright" as a bookdown.json entry.
  • Fixed header id attributes to be valid for href anchors, making them compatible with Javascript and CSS.
  • Various updates to the README and other documentation.

Thanks, as always, to all our contributors; special thanks to Sandro Keil, who delivered several important features in this release.