An Android native client for Bookie ( )
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The FragmentViewPager and how it interacts with the activity lifecycle
is far from intuitive and heavily misdocumented on the web at this time.

On activity recreate, it creates new fragments for you and initiates their
lifecycle, so creating new instances again when we have saved state leads
to confusion, because these fragments will not be attached or initiated,
and thus likely to not do what you want if you reference some method on them.
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Bookie for Android

What is this?

It is a native Android client for the bookie API. It lets you see bookmarks from Bookie or save them.

What is bookie?

An open source bookmark storage server. To understand better, see the docs, the project on github or the live server.



  1. Maven
  2. The android SDK and requirements, with ANDROID_HOME set

To build an apk

mvn compile
  1. your apk will be in ./target

Run on your device (or the emulator)

  1. If you want the emulator, start an emulator using the ‘emulator’ tool that comes with the sdk
  2. Make sure adb is started ( adb start-server ), check that adb sees your device ( adb devices )
  3. cd androidBookie; mvn test install android:deploy android:run

License / Copying

Licensed under GPLv3. See the file COPYING, included with this source.