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The goal is to setup an extension that enables using Bookie with Firefox.

Current development release

You can test the current build by heading to Note that this is alpha quality and most functions don't work. Currently you get a widget in the add-on bar and can save a bookmark once you've set your preferences.

We've started to submit the extension to Mozilla for review at:

Setting up

Once you check out from git, you'll need to get the external dependencies, the firefox sdk and the Bookie static library collection. You can get both of these using the Makefile.

$ make all

If you want to test against update versions you can fetch the latest by cleaning and making again.

$ make clean
$ make all

Activating the sdk

Once the sdk is installed, you have to activate that virtualenv. Right now it's a bit of a pita, you have to cd to the sdk dir, activate, and then back out again.

cd sdk
source bin/activate
cd ../

Running the tests

The tests require that the sdk be activated. You can run them with the make test command.

Testing the extension

You can load a new Firefox window with the extension loaded with make run. This will use the sdk to launch the Firefox instance and can be used for dev and qa work.

Alternatively, you can run cfx xpi after navigating to the src folder like so.

cd src
cfx xpi

Open the Firefox browser and point the url to about:config. Add a new key with name : "extensions.sdk.console.logLevel" and key: "info" to set the required logging level.

Hit Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + A to open the Add-On Manager. Install the extension manually by clicking the gear icon and selecting "Install Add-on from File..." You may access the Add-On Manager using Tools -> Add-ons.

After the extension has been installed, hit Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + J to bring up the Browser Console that houses all the log messages. You may access the Browser Console using Tools -> Web Developer -> Browser Console.

Known limitations/issues

  • Cannot ping/validate your api preferences since we're using a simple-pref modules for preferences


Firefox extension for using with Bookie bookmark web application






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