High performance Graphite frontend in go
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Carbonapi is a Go-based Graphite frontend. It provides two binaries, carbonapi and carbonzipper, that unify responses from multiple Graphite backends and provide math and graphing functions.

This project is run in production at Booking.com. We are in the process of documenting its installation and setup, but can answer any questions that interested persons have.

CarbonAPI supports a significant subset of graphite functions; see COMPATIBILITY. In our testing it has shown to be 5x-10x faster than requesting data from graphite-web.


To build both the carbonapi and carbonzipper binaries, run:


To build the binaries with debug symbols, run:

make debug

We do not provide packages for install at this time. Contact us if you're interested in those.


Run the full stack carbonapi -> zipper -> go-carbon with:

docker-compose up

You can feed in sample data with:

echo "test.test 5 `date +%s`" | nc -c localhost 2003

and get it back with:

curl 'http://localhost:8081/render?target=test.test&format=json&from=-10m'


We recommend using at least version 1.10 of Go. Booking.com builds its binaries with the latest stable release of Go at any time. The binaries likely compile on older versions of Go (at least 1.9), but we don't test the build against them because of problems with computing test coverage of the whole project.

At the moment, we only guarantee that Carbonapi can talk to the go-carbon Graphite store. We are interested in supporting other stores.

Cairo support

The current supported cairo version is v1.14.6.

OSX Build Notes

Some additional steps may be needed to build carbonapi with cairo rendering on MacOSX.

Install cairo:

brew install Caskroom/cask/xquartz

brew install cairo --with-x11

Acknowledgement and history

This program was originally developed for Booking.com. With approval from Booking.com, the code was generalised and published as Open Source on GitHub, for which the author would like to express his gratitude.

This is Booking.com's fork of go-graphite/carbonapi. That project's current performance characteristics are not sufficient for our production needs, and we decided it had moved too far ahead for us to be able to improve them effectively. We thus reverted back to versions 0.9.2 of carbonapi and 0.74 of carbonzipper, and are moving more slowly in the same direction as the original project.


This code is licensed under the BSD-2 license.