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Update changelog for Shipper v0.7

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juliogreff authored and parhamdoustdar committed Oct 25, 2019
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migration will no longer happen. If you're upgrading Shipper from an earlier
version, we recommend that you first upgrade to v0.6.0, so your
InstallationTargets can be migrated properly.

## Improvements

* Shipper no longer ships with resyncs enabled by default. This means that we
no longer reprocess objects over and over again, and as a result a Shipper
instance managing a lot of applications is a lot faster. [Issue
#78]( [PR
#213]( and too many others to

* Controllers now emit fewer events in general ([PR
#222](, and mostly only emit
events for condition changes ([PR

### Bug Fixes

* Traffic Controller now watches changes to Pod objects to immediately apply
traffic changes instead of waiting for resyncs. [Issue
#206]( [PR

* Installation Controller now watches for Service and Deployment objects being
deleted, and reinstalls them to prevent Releases being stuck due to those
objects being missing. [Issue
#110]( [PR

* Installation Controller no longer tries to replace objects created by a
different application. [Issue
#98]( [PR

* Installation Controller now knows how to handle multiple objects inside the
same YAML file in charts. [PR

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