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ci: sort out our release artifacts

First of all, let's not build for every platform under the sun, it takes
a ton of time for no particularly good reason.

Second of all, let's be a little bit less verbose, we don't need to know
precisely which packages were used to compile a binary, over and over

Last but not least, point travis to the actual artifacts we built. If we
build *.tar.gz, let's not try to upload all those inexistent *.tgz files
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juliogreff committed Aug 12, 2019
1 parent e4e0338 commit 908cd15113fc9545ef2c6d2af0878f3bbef73a4d
Showing with 3 additions and 11 deletions.
  1. +1 −1 .travis.yml
  2. +2 −10 ci/
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ deploy:
secure: sn8/ZmHs3IJIbmtUGTA3hvoynmTF1tZfoEaDJ1FY2abw9FutwU6XFHN4HUY2HGjBTXEd2jYYL7hlRoQsIUXILB7ausW7S73sVR5PtnRowzFkcYiCc0A2ZzhmsLWqrAY2761frqpRjhNVp/HEdKhszVTLuWA7hYWrojVyM0jlhpjZi98BYqy47ppVPOfZ8MdLRU9SS04EJpDvKLOnm1pHi1GO/8QiTVx4dStYpCZ9Y2wPQqK3Y3wVvRExFI/V0m51RzeTb/I63HU++6yWV28/llPfruFAEe6TA/th1xrUdh6fFwfnLHezIxmN5LNz6c0vdq3KKeKDeOWmSYnzwriq/LhFqCHVoqgbeOm6He7Yyz45vSV68nIHDbbPx/Q6caN1nPIE2/u7wrRlfJgzZIfLKNXjoUkCdxN1D0YmfXxyPotdh0qEdCyYDPPfuqZTO6Kj8cvRXaU3q6hFxVPaBjCdZitgLGFHOzibhZ2wxSQJtuPgqYsqZqjwmdvPaNGWoAwNVWEXmovQVLuCZryurEl9Ejf9GCFsgoMB+c5SiNto7QqUWed/iinUOoLlcKllYb+mUB28xTFVBS9svmmU5dBFGbaCSy7FiGxOhSxxOryfffkU98PCLYgRXC02PiilWP1fG9/oIQ0yL2um04To0gqpHTkfPaCsUfSfjAXtksChmFE=
file_glob: true
- "release-files/*.tgz"
- "release-files/*.tar.gz"
- "release-files/sha256sums.txt"
- "release-files/kubernetes-deployment.yaml"
skip_cleanup: true
@@ -31,18 +31,10 @@ function package {


build_and_package "$version" linux amd64
build_and_package "$version" linux 386
build_and_package "$version" darwin amd64
build_and_package "$version" darwin 386
build_and_package "$version" windows amd64
build_and_package "$version" windows 386
build_and_package "$version" freebsd amd64
build_and_package "$version" freebsd 386
build_and_package "$version" openbsd amd64
build_and_package "$version" openbsd 386
build_and_package "$version" netbsd amd64
build_and_package "$version" netbsd 386

function create_deployment_yaml {
@@ -65,7 +57,7 @@ function build_and_package {
mkdir -p "$BASE/${name}"

export CGO_ENABLED=0
(export GOOS="$os" GOARCH="$arch"; $GO build -v -o "${BASE}/${name}/shipperctl" cmd/shipperctl/*.go)
(export GOOS="$os" GOARCH="$arch"; $GO build -o "${BASE}/${name}/shipperctl" cmd/shipperctl/*.go)
echo "... done"

echo "packing $name into $tgz ..."

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