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Updated Application spec in docs with chart ranges
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parhamdoustdar committed Sep 5, 2019
2 parents b5cb6e6 + ad24b3f commit d44aab1f786d5fd11ba845075db19bfa37ed79cf
@@ -17,7 +17,15 @@ object on each edit. This model is identical to to Kubernetes *Deployment*
objects and their ``.spec.template`` field, which serves as a mold for
*ReplicaSet* objects (and by extension, *Pod* objects).

The ``.spec.template`` field will be copied to a new *Release*
Application's ``.spec.template.chart`` contains ambiguity by design: a user is
expected to provide either a specific chart version or a *SemVer constraint*
defining the range of acceptable chart versions. Shipper will resolve an
appropriate available chart version and pin the *Release* on it. Shipper
resolves the version in-place: it will substitute the initial constraint with a
specific resolved version and preserve the initial constraint in the Application
annotation named ````.

The resolved ``.spec.template`` field will be copied to a new *Release*
object under the ``.spec.environment`` field during deployment.

@@ -53,6 +61,11 @@ The ``.spec.template`` is a *Release* template. It has the same schema as the
:ref:`.spec.environment <api-reference_release_environment>` in a *Release*

*Application*'s ``.spec.template`` can define either a specific chart version,
or a SemVer constraint.

Please refer to `Semantic Version Ranges`_ section for more details on supported cosntrtaints.

@@ -173,3 +186,84 @@ form a valid sequence.
- BrokenApplicationObservedGeneration
- The *Application* has an invalid ``highestObservedGeneration``
annotation. check ``message`` for more details.

Semantic Version Ranges

Shipper supports an extended range of semantic version constraints in
Application's ``.spec.template.chart.version``.

This section highlights the major features of supported SemVer constraints. For
a full reference please see `the underlying library spec`_.

.. _the underlying library spec:


SemVer specifications are composable: there are 2 composition operators defined:
- ``,``: stands for AND
- ``||``: stands for OR

In the example ``>=1.2.3, <3.4.5 || 6.7.8`` the constraint defines a range where
any version between 1.2.3 inclusive *and* 3.4.5 non-inclusive, *or* a specific
version 6.7.8 would satisfy it.

Trivial Comparisons

Trivial comparison constraints belong to a category of equality check

The range of comparison checks is defined as:
- ``=``: strictly equal to
- ``!=``: not equal to
- ``>``: greater than (non-inclusive)
- ``<``: less than (non-inclusive)
- ``>=``: greater than or equal to (inclusive)
- ``<=``: less than or equal to (inclusive)

The rest of the constraints is mainly a semantical syntax sugar and is fully
based on this category therefore the forecoming constraints are explained using
these operators.


A hyphen-separated range is an equivalent to defining a lower and an upper
bound for a range of acceptable versions.

- ``1.2.3-4.5.6`` is equivalent to ``>=1.2.3, <=4.5.6``
- ``1.2-4.5`` is equivalent to ``>=1.2, <=4.5``


There are 3 wildcard characters: ``x``, ``X`` and ``*``. They are absolutely
equivalent to each other: ``1.2.*`` is the same as ``1.2.X``.

- ``1.2.x`` is equivalent to ``>=1.2.0, <1.3.0`` (note the non-inclusive range)
- ``>=1.2.*`` is equivalent to ``>=1.2.0`` (the wildcard is optional here)
- ``*`` is equivalent to ``>=0.0.0`` (one can use ``x`` and ``X`` as well)


A tilde is a context-dependant operator: it changes the range based on the
least significant version component provided.

- ``~1.2.3`` is equivalent to ``>=1.2.3, <1.3.0``
- ``~1.2`` is equivalent to ``>=1.2, <1.3``
- ``~1`` is equivalent to ``>=1, <2``


Carets pin the major version to a specific branch.

- ``^1.2.3`` is equivalent to ``>=1.2.3, <2.0.0``
- ``^1.2`` is equivalent to ``>=1.2, <2.0``

A caret-defined constraint is a handy way to say: give me the latest non-breaking
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ spec:
# helm chart for this application
name: reviews-api
version: 0.0.1
version: "0.0.1"
# how to select clusters to deploy to
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ spec:
name: reviews-api
version: 0.0.1
version: "~0.1"

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