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kanatohodets api: v1 -> v1alpha1
When I created the types initially, I was unfamiliar with the
significance of picking a particular API version. As a result, I picked
'v1'. This is not where Shipper is at the moment: we firmly expect some
of our APIs to grow and evolve, potentially drastically, as it matures.

One editorial decision: 'shipperv1' was renamed to 'shipper', not
'shipperv1alpha1'. This is consistent with K8s controllers as far as
I can tell.

Note: this patch assumes a clean cluster, and hence 'v1' is not listed
in the CRD 'versions' array. This is in the interest of keeping the
damage from my early 'v1' decision limited to Booking's clusters; we'll
apply an internal patch to the CRD to support both v1 and v1alpha1 while
we migrate "backwards."
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