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Shipper E2E tests


These tests assume that they can reach a properly configured Kubernetes cluster that has Shipper running on it. To get a fresh minikube into this condition, do the following:

  • minikube start
  • perl hack/
  • perl hack/ this creates a secret and cluster object on the minikube that point to itself.
  • In the background or a different shell: go run cmd/shipper/main.go --logtostderr --kubeconfig ~/.kube/config -v 4 --disable clustersecret

Once you have a working cluster, you can run the e2e tests like so:

go test ./test/e2e -kubeconfig ~/.kube/config -e2e`

Alternatively, if you'd like to use the e2e tests as part of your development workflow, I'd suggest compiling the test binary:

go test -c ./test/e2e -kubeconfig ~/.kube/config -e2e

And then running it at whatever frequency you find useful:

./e2e.test -kubeconfig ~/.kube/config -e2e

Adding the -v switch will include verbose logs about each step of each test.

If the tests are failing and you want to investigate, add -inspectfailed: this will not delete the test namespace for failed tests: this allows you to go poke around with kubectl. Once you're done debugging, remove all the namespaces with kubectl delete ns -l shipper-e2e-test.