A gridless approach to CSS, ala flexbox.
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Introducing Toucaan CSS…

A gridless approach to style.


Well, if Toucaan, then you can too!

Did you know that the most responsive page in the whole world wide web is blank.

Yep - a blank page. Try it if you don't believe thy Toucaan.

Good. So you're in a creative mood right now. And then there's an ideeeaaah in your head all energized and reeling to get out.

So why the Toucaan?

You see Toucans are aggressive little birds that symbolize beauty and strength. We're going to use those qualities of the beautiful bird, meaning its angry little beautiful persona to weed out all the stupid CSS rules that your site will never need.

Theoretically, Toucaan is not a CSS framework but only a set of newer patterns or none at all that symbolize beauty and strength of modern web; it relies completely on the most powerful tool we humans have as developers: Thinking.

In fact you might not need a CSS framework!;

Here are some of the advantages:

Stop making the browser recalculate style in several steps. Normalize it with the final look and feel.

For example:

Grid with Flexbox?

Why you incarcerate? Please stop putting innocent elements behind thos ugly bars.Toucaan can be very angry at this. Excuse the temper.

So just keep all that marketing peptalk aside and think up design without the buzzword.