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Hand-written-Binary-Serialization Hand-written Binary Serialization
Upgrading-from-MQ-v-to-MQ-v Upgrading from 0MQ v2.2 to 0MQ v3.2
Why-Mesh-Isn-t-Here-Yet Why Mesh Isn't Here Yet
Why-Mesh-isn-t-Here-Yet Why Mesh isn't Here Yet
On-Assertions On Assertions
Why-We-Needed-ZeroMQ Why We Needed ZeroMQ
Representing-State-as-Key-Value-Pairs Representing State as Key-Value Pairs
Ephemeral-Values Ephemeral Values
Care-and-Feeding Care and Feeding
The-Hangman The Hangman
Handling-Multiple-Sockets Handling Multiple Sockets
the-community Chapter 6 - The ZeroMQ Community
UDP-Beacon-Framing UDP Beacon Framing
Burnout Burnout
Building-and-Trying-FileMQ Building and Trying FileMQ
State-Machines State Machines
-MQ-s-Built-in-Proxy-Function 0MQ's Built-in Proxy Function
Asynchronous-Majordomo-Pattern Asynchronous Majordomo Pattern
Internal-Architecture Internal Architecture
Slow-Subscriber-Detection-Suicidal-Snail-Pattern Slow Subscriber Detection (Suicidal Snail Pattern)
The-Contract The Contract
Discovery Discovery
Working-with-Messages Working with Messages
Network-Discovery Network Discovery
Shrugging-It-Off Shrugging It Off
Tales-from-Out-There Tales from Out There
What-s-This-Good-For What's This Good For?
Establishing-the-Details Establishing the Details
The-Cheap-or-Nasty-Pattern The Cheap or Nasty Pattern
How-ZeroMQ-Lost-Its-Road-Map How ZeroMQ Lost Its Road Map
Removing-Friction Removing Friction
The-Zyre-Tester The Zyre Tester
Preemptive-Discovery-over-Raw-Sockets Preemptive Discovery over Raw Sockets
Writing-the-Unprotocol Writing the Unprotocol
Initial-Design-Cut-the-API Initial Design Cut: the API
Design-for-The-Real-World Design for The Real World
Zero-Copy Zero-Copy
Creating-Stable-Releases Creating Stable Releases
Chapter-Advanced-Publish-Subscribe-Patterns Chapter 5 - Advanced Publish-Subscribe Patterns
Building-a-Multithreaded-Stack-and-API Building a Multithreaded Stack and API
Language Language
Ping-Pong-Heartbeats Ping-Pong Heartbeats
Simplicity-Versus-Complexity Simplicity Versus Complexity
The-Historian The Historian
Working-with-Subtrees Working with Subtrees
The-Tale-of-Two-Bridges The Tale of Two Bridges
On-Up-Front-Testing On Up-Front Testing
Scaling-to-Multiple-Clusters Scaling to Multiple Clusters
Learning-Curve Learning Curve
Designing-the-API Designing the API
Configuration Configuration
ROUTER-Broker-and-REQ-Workers ROUTER Broker and REQ Workers
Licensing-and-Ownership Licensing and Ownership
Chapter-Sockets-and-Patterns Chapter 2 - Sockets and Patterns
Multithreading-with-ZeroMQ Multithreading with ZeroMQ
Protocols-Without-The-Goats Protocols Without The Goats
moving-pieces Chapter 8 - A Framework for Distributed Computing
Plugging-Sockets-Into-the-Topology Plugging Sockets Into the Topology
Testing-and-Simulation Testing and Simulation
High-availability-Pair-Binary-Star-Pattern High-availability Pair (Binary Star Pattern)
Idempotent-Services Idempotent Services
File-Stability File Stability
True-Peer-Connectivity-Harmony-Pattern True Peer Connectivity (Harmony Pattern)
Getting-the-Context-Right Getting the Context Right
The-Earth-and-Sky The Earth and Sky
Ask-and-Ye-Shall-Receive Ask and Ye Shall Receive
advanced-pub-sub Chapter 5 - Advanced Pub-Sub Patterns
High-speed-Subscribers-Black-Box-Pattern High-speed Subscribers (Black Box Pattern)
Authentication-Using-SASL Authentication Using SASL
The-Pirate-Gang The Pirate Gang
Conclusions Conclusions
The-Importance-of-Contracts The Importance of Contracts
Pub-Sub-Message-Envelopes Pub-Sub Message Envelopes
How-MQ-Lost-its-Road-map How 0MQ Lost its Road-map
Service-Oriented-Reliable-Queuing-Majordomo-Pattern Service-Oriented Reliable Queuing (Majordomo Pattern)
Heartbeating Heartbeating
Preliminaries Preliminaries
Patterns-for-Success Patterns for Success
The-Flash-Mob The Flash Mob
Handling-Interrupt-Signals Handling Interrupt Signals
Why-make-FileMQ Why make FileMQ?
Basic-Reliable-Queuing-Simple-Pirate-Pattern Basic Reliable Queuing (Simple Pirate Pattern)
ZeroMQ-in-a-Hundred-Words ZeroMQ in a Hundred Words
Test-Results Test Results
Request-Reply-Combinations Request-Reply Combinations
Goals Goals
-MQ-is-Not-a-Neutral-Carrier 0MQ is Not a Neutral Carrier
Intermediaries-and-Proxies Intermediaries and Proxies
Transferring-Files Transferring Files
More-About-UDP More About UDP
Design-Notes Design Notes
Audience-for-This-Book Audience for This Book
What-s-the-Current-Status What's the Current Status?
Cooperative-Discovery-using-UDP-Broadcasts Cooperative Discovery using UDP Broadcasts
Postface Postface
The-CZMQ-High-Level-API The CZMQ High-Level API
On-Up-front-Testing On Up-front Testing
Designing-for-Innovation Designing for Innovation
Simplicity-Oriented-Design Simplicity Oriented Design
Fixing-the-World Fixing the World
Node-Coordination Node Coordination
-MQ-Framing 0MQ Framing
Chapter-Advanced-Request-Reply-Patterns Chapter 3 - Advanced Request-Reply Patterns
Shared-Queue-DEALER-and-ROUTER-sockets Shared Queue (DEALER and ROUTER sockets)
High-Availability-Pair-Binary-Star-Pattern High-Availability Pair (Binary Star Pattern)
Architecture-of-the-MQ-Community Architecture of the 0MQ Community
Step-Decide-on-the-Contracts Step 3: Decide on the Contracts
The-Open-Door The Open Door
Preventing-Split-Brain-Syndrome Preventing Split-Brain Syndrome
Upgrading-from-ZeroMQ-v-to-ZeroMQ-v Upgrading from ZeroMQ v2.2 to ZeroMQ v3.2
advanced-architecture Chapter 7 - Advanced Architecture using ZeroMQ
How-This-Book-Happened How This Book Happened
Detailed-Requirements Detailed Requirements
Chapter-The-ZeroMQ-Community Chapter 6 - The ZeroMQ Community
Chapter-Advanced-Architecture-using-MQ Chapter 7 - Advanced Architecture using 0MQ
Plugging-Sockets-into-the-Topology Plugging Sockets into the Topology
The-Social-Engineer The Social Engineer
Economics-of-Participation Economics of Participation
The-Load-Balancing-Pattern The Load Balancing Pattern
Change-Latency Change Latency
The-Dynamic-Discovery-Problem The Dynamic Discovery Problem
Some-Physics Some Physics
Binary-Logging-Protocol Binary Logging Protocol
The-DEALER-to-REP-Combination The DEALER to REP Combination
Contracts-and-Protocols Contracts and Protocols
A-Real-Life-Example A Real-Life Example
The-Extended-Reply-Envelope The Extended Reply Envelope
Identities-and-Addresses Identities and Addresses
Chapter-The-MQ-Community Chapter 6 - The 0MQ Community
A-Plausible-Minimal-Implementation A Plausible Minimal Implementation
Service-Discovery Service Discovery
Michael-Jakl-s-Story Michael Jakl's Story
basics Chapter 1 - Basics
Handwritten-Binary-Serialization Handwritten Binary Serialization
Model-Three-Complex-and-Nasty Model Three: Complex and Nasty
The-DEALER-to-ROUTER-Combination The DEALER to ROUTER Combination
Protocol-Assertions Protocol Assertions
Adding-the-Binary-Star-Pattern-for-Reliability Adding the Binary Star Pattern for Reliability
Acknowledgements Acknowledgements
Tracing-Activity Tracing Activity
Git-Branches-Considered-Harmful Git Branches Considered Harmful
Part-Software-Engineering-using-MQ Part 2 - Software Engineering using 0MQ
Programming-with-MQ Programming with 0MQ
Signaling-between-Threads-PAIR-sockets Signaling between Threads (PAIR sockets)
Reliable-Pub-Sub-Clone-Pattern Reliable Pub-Sub (Clone Pattern)
Disconnected-Reliability-Titanic-Pattern Disconnected Reliability (Titanic Pattern)
The-Lazy-Perfectionist The Lazy Perfectionist
The-Mindful-General The Mindful General
Compatible-Changes Compatible Changes
Psychology-of-Software-Architecture Psychology of Software Architecture
Patch-Requirements Patch Requirements
Designing-Reliability Designing Reliability
Brokerless-Reliability-Freelance-Pattern Brokerless Reliability (Freelance Pattern)
Serialization-Languages Serialization Languages
Last-Value-Caching Last Value Caching
Exploring-ROUTER-Sockets Exploring ROUTER Sockets
Chapter-Advanced-Pub-Sub-Patterns Chapter 5 - Advanced Pub-Sub Patterns
Point-to-Point-Messaging Point-to-Point Messaging
The-Canary-Watcher The Canary Watcher
Client-Side-Reliability-Lazy-Pirate-Pattern Client-Side Reliability (Lazy Pirate Pattern)
Transport-Bridging Transport Bridging
The-Asynchronous-Client-Server-Pattern The Asynchronous Client/Server Pattern
I-O-Threads I/O Threads
Multiple-Nodes-on-One-Device Multiple Nodes on One Device
Binary-Star-Reactor Binary Star Reactor
A-Load-Balancing-Message-Broker A Load Balancing Message Broker
Detecting-Memory-Leaks Detecting Memory Leaks
Message-Oriented-Pattern-for-Elastic-Design Message-Oriented Pattern for Elastic Design
Step-Internalize-the-Semantics Step 1: Internalize the Semantics
Invalid-Combinations Invalid Combinations
The-Naming-Ceremony The Naming Ceremony
Chapter-Basics Chapter 1 - Basics
Recap-of-Request-Reply-Sockets Recap of Request-Reply Sockets
Republishing-Updates-from-Clients Republishing Updates from Clients
Missing-Message-Problem-Solver Missing Message Problem Solver
Distributed-Logging-and-Monitoring Distributed Logging and Monitoring
The-Rolling-Stone The Rolling Stone
Architecture-of-the-ZeroMQ-Community Architecture of the ZeroMQ Community
Model-One-Simple-Retry-and-Failover Model One: Simple Retry and Failover
More-about-UDP More about UDP
Signaling-Between-Threads-PAIR-Sockets Signaling Between Threads (PAIR Sockets)
Sending-and-Receiving-Messages Sending and Receiving Messages
Detecting-Disappearances Detecting Disappearances
Chapter-A-Framework-for-Distributed-Computing Chapter 8 - A Framework for Distributed Computing
Scalability Scalability
Socket-Scalability Socket Scalability
Tom-van-Leeuwen-s-Story Tom van Leeuwen's Story
advanced-request-reply Chapter 3 - Advanced Request-Reply Patterns
Complexity-Oriented-Design Complexity-Oriented Design
Federation-Versus-Peering Federation Versus Peering
Multithreading-with-MQ Multithreading with 0MQ
Contracts-are-Hard Contracts are Hard
Federation-vs-Peering Federation vs. Peering
Chapter-Advanced-Architecture-using-ZeroMQ Chapter 7 - Advanced Architecture using ZeroMQ
Test-Use-Case-The-track-tool Test Use-Case - The 'track' tool
The-Constant-Gardener The Constant Gardener
Messaging-Patterns Messaging Patterns
Pub-sub-Tracing-Espresso-Pattern Pub-sub Tracing (Espresso Pattern)
Serializing-your-Data Serializing your Data
Example-Zyre-Application Example Zyre Application
Step-Draw-a-Rough-Architecture Step 2: Draw a Rough Architecture
The-Simple-Reply-Envelope The Simple Reply Envelope
Client-side-Reliability-Lazy-Pirate-Pattern Client-side Reliability (Lazy Pirate Pattern)
Upfront-Coordination Upfront Coordination
High-Water-Marks High-Water Marks
Putting-it-All-Together Putting it All Together
Centralized-vs-Decentralized Centralized vs. Decentralized
The-Process The Process
Model-Two-Brutal-Shotgun-Massacre Model Two: Brutal Shotgun Massacre
Prototyping-the-Local-and-Cloud-Flows Prototyping the Local and Cloud Flows
Point-to-point-Messaging Point-to-point Messaging
postface Postface
Architecture-of-a-Single-Cluster Architecture of a Single Cluster
Large-Scale-File-Publishing-FileMQ Large-Scale File Publishing: FileMQ
Group-Messaging Group Messaging
Audience Audience
Development-Process Development Process
The-ROUTER-to-ROUTER-Combination The ROUTER to ROUTER Combination
Features-of-a-Higher-Level-API Features of a Higher-Level API
The-ZeroMQ-Process-C The ZeroMQ Process: C4
One-Way-Heartbeats One-Way Heartbeats
Chapter-Reliable-Request-Reply-Patterns Chapter 4 - Reliable Request-Reply Patterns
Authentication-using-SASL Authentication using SASL
Pros-and-Cons-of-Pub-Sub Pros and Cons of Pub-Sub
Prototyping-the-State-Flow Prototyping the State Flow
Code-Generation Code Generation
Serialization-Libraries Serialization Libraries
Symbolic-Links Symbolic Links
Up-front-Coordination Up-front Coordination
Rob-Gagnon-s-Story Rob Gagnon's Story
High-Speed-Subscribers-Black-Box-Pattern High-Speed Subscribers (Black Box Pattern)
Why-We-Needed-MQ Why We Needed 0MQ
The-Use-Case The Use Case
Dealing-with-Blocked-Peers Dealing with Blocked Peers
Getting-the-Message-Out Getting the Message Out
Reliable-Publish-Subscribe-Clone-Pattern Reliable Publish-Subscribe (Clone Pattern)
reliable-request-reply Chapter 4 - Reliable Request-Reply Patterns
A-Minor-Note-on-Strings A Minor Note on Strings
Making-a-Clean-Exit Making a Clean Exit
Cooperative-Discovery-Using-UDP-Broadcasts Cooperative Discovery Using UDP Broadcasts
Step-Write-a-Minimal-End-to-End-Solution Step 4: Write a Minimal End-to-End Solution
Delivery-Notifications Delivery Notifications
The-Request-Reply-Mechanisms The Request-Reply Mechanisms
Getting-the-Examples Getting the Examples
Initial-Design-Cut-the-Protocol Initial Design Cut: the Protocol
Crazy-Beautiful-and-Easy Crazy, Beautiful, and Easy
ZeroMQ-is-Not-a-Neutral-Carrier ZeroMQ is Not a Neutral Carrier
Abstraction-Level Abstraction Level
Vadim-Shalts-s-Story Vadim Shalts's Story
The-DEALER-to-DEALER-Combination The DEALER to DEALER Combination
Handling-Errors-and-ETERM Handling Errors and ETERM
Surprise-and-Expectations Surprise and Expectations
Eat-Me Eat Me
A-Self-Healing-P-P-Network-in-Seconds A Self-Healing P2P Network in 30 Seconds
The-Zen-of-Zero The Zen of Zero
Project-Administration Project Administration
The-Benevolent-Tyrant The Benevolent Tyrant
Step-Solve-One-Problem-and-Repeat Step 5: Solve One Problem and Repeat
Stranger-Meet-Stranger Stranger, Meet Stranger
A-High-Level-API-for-ZeroMQ A High-Level API for ZeroMQ
Centralized-Versus-Decentralized Centralized Versus Decentralized
Getting-an-Official-Port-Number Getting an Official Port Number
Making-a-Detour Making a Detour
Worked-Example-Inter-Broker-Routing Worked Example: Inter-Broker Routing
Conclusion Conclusion
Recovery-and-Late-Joiners Recovery and Late Joiners
How-the-Guide-Happened How the Guide Happened
The-REQ-to-REP-Combination The REQ to REP Combination
Simplicity-vs-Complexity Simplicity vs. Complexity
The-Secret-Life-of-WiFi The Secret Life of WiFi
Multi-part-Messages Multi-part Messages
The-MQ-Process-C The 0MQ Process: C4
Spinning-off-a-Library-Project Spinning off a Library Project
Visibility Visibility
Serializing-Your-Data Serializing Your Data
Version-Reporting Version Reporting
Pros-and-Cons-of-Publish-Subscribe Pros and Cons of Publish-Subscribe
Cost-of-Failure Cost of Failure
Heartbeating-for-Paranoid-Pirate Heartbeating for Paranoid Pirate
Suggested-Shim-Macros Suggested Shim Macros
The-Mystic The Mystic
How-to-Write-Unprotocols How to Write Unprotocols
The-Clustered-Hashmap-Protocol The Clustered Hashmap Protocol
sockets-and-patterns Chapter 2 - Sockets and Patterns
How-MQ-Lost-Its-Road-Map How 0MQ Lost Its Road Map
Large-scale-File-Publishing-FileMQ Large-scale File Publishing - FileMQ
Infinite-Property Infinite Property
Content-Distribution Content Distribution
Unprotocols Unprotocols
Programming-with-ZeroMQ Programming with ZeroMQ
How-to-Make-Really-Large-Architectures How to Make Really Large Architectures
Using-ABNF Using ABNF
Part-Learning-to-Work-with-MQ Part 1 - Learning to Work with 0MQ
-MQ-in-a-Hundred-Words 0MQ in a Hundred Words
Evolution-of-Public-Contracts Evolution of Public Contracts
Getting-an-Out-of-Band-Snapshot Getting an Out-of-Band Snapshot
Stranger-meet-Stranger Stranger, meet Stranger
ZeroMQ-Framing ZeroMQ Framing
Why-use-the-GPLv-for-Public-Specifications Why use the GPLv3 for Public Specifications?
Using-a-Reactor Using a Reactor
Pub-Sub-Tracing-Espresso-Pattern Pub-Sub Tracing (Espresso Pattern)
Spinning-Off-a-Library-Project Spinning Off a Library Project
Robustness-in-Conflict Robustness in Conflict
Starting-Assumptions Starting Assumptions
Getting-an-Out-of-band-Snapshot Getting an Out-of-band Snapshot
Using-Sockets-to-Carry-Data Using Sockets to Carry Data
Robust-Reliable-Queuing-Paranoid-Pirate-Pattern Robust Reliable Queuing (Paranoid Pirate Pattern)
Public-API Public API
Why-Unprotocols Why Unprotocols?
High-Level-Messaging-Patterns High-Level Messaging Patterns
-MQ-s-Built-In-Proxy-Function 0MQ's Built-In Proxy Function
Guarantees-of-Isolation Guarantees of Isolation
Binary-Star-Implementation Binary Star Implementation
ZeroMQ-s-Built-In-Proxy-Function ZeroMQ's Built-In Proxy Function
Divide-and-Conquer Divide and Conquer
The-Provocateur The Provocateur
The-Socket-API The Socket API
Technical-Requirements Technical Requirements
What-is-Reliability What is "Reliability"?
High-level-Messaging-Patterns High-level Messaging Patterns
Preface Preface
Warning-Unstable-Paradigms Warning: Unstable Paradigms!
ROUTER-Broker-and-DEALER-Workers ROUTER Broker and DEALER Workers
Error-Handling Error Handling
Test-Use-Case-The-Track-Tool Test Use Case: The Track Tool
Licensing Licensing
How-It-Began How It Began
Trash-Oriented-Design Trash-Oriented Design
The-Load-balancing-Pattern The Load-balancing Pattern
The-Laughing-Clown The Laughing Clown
The-REQ-to-ROUTER-Combination The REQ to ROUTER Combination
Multipart-Messages Multipart Messages
Incompatible-Changes Incompatible Changes
Upgrading-from-MQ-to-MQ Upgrading from 0MQ/2.2 to 0MQ/3.2
Contracts-Are-Hard Contracts Are Hard
Unicast-Transports Unicast Transports
ROUTER-Error-Handling ROUTER Error Handling
A-High-Level-API-for-MQ A High-Level API for 0MQ