How to use gulp and browserify for medium to large websites with multiple applications/pages/bundles.
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Getting started with Gulp and Browserify

This repository is an example of how to structure a project that requires multiple browserify bundles for multiple applications (e.g.: multiple pages with different functionality in a medium to large size website).

For an in-depth description of how the project is setup and how the gulp build jobs work, see my blog entry, Getting Started with Gulp and Browserify.

Feature Overview

Gulp Tasks

This project provides the following gulp tasks

  • lint – JSHint static analysis
  • build-common-lib – Concatenates several common/global modules (e.g.: jQuery and Bootstrap) into one cacheable and minified script. Which libraries are included is configurable.
  • build – Browserifies every individual file in /applications/client/apps. Creates both deflated and minified versions of each bundled application with source maps.
  • autobuild – Watches all applications in /applications/client and their dependencies, and rebuilds only the affected apps whenever a change is detected.
  • test – Runs all unit tests found in /tests/client. Assumes TAP output.
  • autotest – Watches everything in /applications/client and /tests/client, and auromatically runs all units tests when a change is detected.
  • auto – Alias for gulp autotest autobuild
  • housekeeping – Installs client-side Git hooks and periodically ensures that all npm modules are installed and updated. This task is a depdency of almost all other tasks to ensure that it's ran. See Git Hooks and NPM Module Management below.
  • default – Runs lint, test, build-common-lib, and build asynchronously.
  • serial – The same as default, but all tasks are run synchronously. This is useful if you have lots of exceptions in the build process or during tests.

Git Hooks

  • pre-commit – Makes sure that automatically built application bundles are not checked in. Bundles must be built normally (with gulp or gulp build). Bundles built automatically with Watching necessarily contain full absolute path information that shouldn't be committed.

NPM Module Management

Whenever a new commit is detected, the Gulp housekeeping job will ensure essentiall run npm install and npm-check-updates -u to ensure that all modules are installed and are current according to the version numbere policy that you have set in package.json.

This functionality is enabled by default and can be disabled by setting ALLOW_NPM_MODULE_MANAGEMENT to false in gulpfile.js.


Simply clone this repository and then run

npm install

Once the install is complete, you can run the full gulp build with