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tasKomplete ✔️


tasKomplete is a task management tool which helps you organize your daily tasks. Built using :

  • NodeJS and ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • ReactJS
  • Webpack

Click here to see it live!

The Login Page

  • On laptop

  • On mobile

The todos page


  • Sign-up and login mechanism
  • View all your tasks, active tasks and completed tasks
  • Responsive for web and mobile

The master branch is for production-ready code.

Contributed and maintained by :-


Steps to set up dev environment for using this repo

Instructions to run

  • Fork or clone this repo
  • Install nodejs and NPM
  • Install MongoDB and Redis
  • Go to the project folder tasKomplete-app from your terminal and run npm install
  • Run node app.js
  • Going to http://localhost:9992 will render the login page if you have't logged in. Upon logging in, you'll be redirected to http://localhost:9992/mytodos
  • Use React Developer Tools Chrome Extension to understand the components hierarchy and structure and to track down bugs.

For experimenting with code

  • React Hot Loader can be used to ease your development workflow. This can be done by installing dev dependencies from package.json file. If you haven't, then run npm install webpack-dev-server and npm install react-hot-loader.
  • Then in your HTML, change your javascript bundles' source paths to point to the webpack-dev-server proxy in your script tags. So if you have something like this
<script src="/dist/js/vendors.js"></script>
<script src="/dist/js/app.bundle.js"></script>

change this to

<script src="http://localhost:8080/dist/js/vendors.js"></script>
<script src="http://localhost:8080/dist/js/app.bundle.js"></script>

For a detailed explanation on setting up a workflow using Webpack, check out my blog post - Webpack for The Fast and The Furious :-)



A task management tool which helps you organize your daily tasks. Open this in chrome!




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