Command line interface for interacting with Tumbleweed snapshots.
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Command line interface for interacting with Tumbleweed snapshots.


The latest stable version can be installed from the main OSS repository.

zypper in tumbleweed-cli


See tumbleweed --help for reference. To get started utilizing snapshots:

tumbleweed init

The repos can be verified by ensuring that the URLs contain a snapshot version.

zypper lr -EUP

zypper refresh && zypper dup will no longer be the method for updating as the repos will point to static snapshot versions. All other zypper operations will behave the same. At any point tumbleweed uninit will return the repositories to their original state.

Some common examples are as follows.

# present latest, target, and installed snapshot versions
tumbleweed status

# update to latest
tumbleweed update

# target 1234 snapshot and install
tumbleweed switch --install 1234

# list available snapshots
tumbleweed list

# target previous snapshot and install
tumbleweed revert --install

# list history of snapshots targeted
tumbleweed history

To operate more manually, the following is equivalent to tumbleweed update.

# switch to latest
tumbleweed switch

zypper ref
zypper dup

The repo URLs are effectively the only part of the libzypp configuration that is being changed. This keeps the workflow changes to a minimum.


For information, feedback, and predictive scoring of Tumbleweed snapshots to aid in choosing which snapshot to pick visit which is produced by boombatower/tumbleweed-review.