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Simple MIDI parser
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Simple MIDI

Simple MIDI is a library for parsing byte streams of MIDI and emit MIDI events.

  • Simple event based interface
  • Handles running status
  • Handles system real-time messages


The example program reads MIDI data on stdin and outputs a textual representation of some MIDI events. Pipe a MIDI stream into it to use as a simple MIDI monitor.

./example </dev/midi1

Handling SYSEX

System exclusive messages was not made a special case in the parser and system exclusive data works as though it was a single-data byte status; MIDI_SYSEX will not be emitted until the first following data byte (vendor ID) appears, and each following data byte will appear as a MIDI_SYSEX event, until interrupted by another status (normally EOX, end of SysEx).

Note off events

This library makes no effort to hide the fact that some vendors use note-on events with velocity 0 instead of note-off. This is allowed by the MIDI 1.0 specification.


  • make to build the library
  • make example to build the example program
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