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+[![Build Status](](
It allows you to create an auxiliary to be used for full-text searches.
It behaves like a polymorphic association, so it can be used with any
ActiveRecord model.
-See and
-Bug tracker:
+This plugin is compatible with MySQL only.
-Only tested with MySQL 5.x
+The code is based on the original acts_as_fulltextable plugin:
-== Step 1
+## Step 1
Install the plugin:
- script/plugin install
+ script/plugin install
-== Step 2
+## Step 2
Add the following code to the model that should be included in searches:
acts_as_fulltextable :fields, :to, :include, :in, :index
-== Step 3
+## Step 3
Create the migration:
script/generate fulltext_rows model1 model2 model3 ...
Then execute it:
rake db:migrate
-== Run searches
+## Run searches
You can either run a search on a single model:
Model.find_fulltext('query to run', :limit => 10, :offset => 0)
Or you can run it on more models at once:'query to run', :only => [:only, :this, :models], :limit => 10, :offset => 0)
-== Warning
+## Warning
Should you add acts_as_fulltextable to a new model after the initial migration was run,
you should execute the following piece of code (a migration or script/console are both fine):
@@ -47,7 +46,9 @@ you should execute the following piece of code (a migration or script/console ar
It will add all of the model's instances to the index.
-== Contact us
+## Contact us
-If you experience any issues, please file a bug report at:
+@boonedocks on Twitter

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